On the third day of the Asian Film Market 2019, the E-IP Awards Ceremony is taking place in the Capri Room, Paradise Hotel Busan, with awards in four categories with ten titles for Book To Film and E-IP Pitching selections. In the Event Room and Seminar Room, Exhibition Center 2 in BEXCO, various events are taking place regarding the latest filmmaking technology, including Hollywood Filmmaking Trends with Realtime Production, VR Conference Program 3: Next Reality Busan, and Hyper-connected, a New Film Making Paradigm. The E-IP Meetings and APM 2019 Project Meetings will continue lively trading, following on from yesterday, and the final day of Market Screening, will be held in LOTTE CINEMA Centum City, featuring 30 films.
● The title of the screening ‘CONTENTS PANDA SCREENING (Sales : CONTENTS PANDA)’at 10:00 in L10 has been updated to CHEER UP, MR.LEE (Sa les : CONTENTS PANDA).
● Filmmaker’s Talk: Wayne Wang, scheduled at 16:30 in the Event Room, has been cancelled due to unforeseen complications.
● Please note that the venue of the APM 2019 Awards Ceremony has been changed to Grand Ballroom, 2F, Paradise Hotel Busan.
Yesterday’s Asian Film Market, on Day 2, held a variety of pitching events, starting with Book To Film & E-IP Pitching. Selected works from the Asian IP Showcase on the first day, Book To Film and E-IP Pitching are all available for E-IP Business Meetings during the market period. The Asia Contents Awards, which opened spectacularly in Dongseo University Sohyang Theatre, wrapped up a successful ceremony with the enthusiastic support of guests and visitors from all around Asia. The reception, held immediately after the ceremony, significantly enhanced networking between participating industry professionals in Asia.
Asian Film Market 2019 announces winners at the first Asia Contents Awards, and the winning works are as follows. Once again, the Asian Film Market 2019 extend our warmest congratulations to the winners.
Category Winner Title
New Comer Kemisara Paladesh (Actress,Thailand),
Sananthachat Thanapatpisal
(Actress, Thailand)
The Hormones, The Series
Jin Xionghao (Director)
Zhuang Dafei(Actress)
Mountains and Ocean
Morita Misato (Actress, Japan) The Naked Director
Best Rising Star Fang Rong (Actress, Singapore) Faculty
Best Writer Lu Shih-yuan (Producer and writer) The World Between Us
Park Hae Young (Writer, Korea) My Mister
Best Actor Lei Jia Yin (Actor) The Longest Day in Chang'an
Kim Nam Gil (Actor, Korea) The Fiery Priest
Yamada Takayuki (Actor, Japan) The Naked Director
Best Actress Yao Chen (Actress) All Is Well
Maja Salvador (Actress, Philippines) Wild Flower
Lifetime Achievement Award Raymond Lee Wai Man (Director) Flying Tiger
Best Asian Drama The Hormones, The Series (Thailand) The Hormones, The Series
Faculty (Singapore) Faculty
Best Creative Yongkyu Kim (Chief Producer)
Studio Dragon
<Mr. Sunshine>
Mr. Sunshine
Excellence Award Kim Jae Joong (Actor and Singer, Korea) -
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