Wrapping up a 4-day long journey today, the last day of the Asian Film Market 2019 begins. Today’s events, such as the Film Fund Talk, Investor’s Talk: Shobha Sant, and Plan B Entertainment: Past, Present, Future are taking place in the Event Room, Exhibition Center 2 in BEXCO. APM Project Meetings continue until 16:00 and Sales Booths in Exhibition Center 2, BEXCO will be open until 18:00.
● Please note that has been changed to Grand Ballroom, 2F, Paradise Hotel Busan.
In the BEXCO event halls, the International Co-production Case Study: Asian-European co-production stories, and Co-producing Films in Eurasia: Anna KATCHKO, were held with a view towards seeking international co-production and candidly discussing cross-border concerns about filmmaking and practical cooperation methods. Additionally, seminars & conferences dealing with the latest filmmaking technology, including VR Conference Program 3: Next Reality Busan, successfully closed the third-day of the market.
Yesterday, the E-IP Awards Ceremony took place in the Paradise Hotel. Ten works, all highly regarded for the novelty of their material, originality of their stories and great potential to be cinematized, were honored with prizes. Once again, we extend our warmest congratulations to the winners.

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