The Asian Contents & Film Market (ACFM), previously known as the Asian Film Market, has decided to launch this edition entirely Online from October 26th to 28th. The dates announced is in accordance with the Busan International Film Festival’s decision to postpone the festival by two weeks in order to observe the ongoing spread of COVID-19 worldwide and the situation following the upcoming Thanksgiving (Chuseok) Holiday. Marking its second year, Asia Contents Awards (ACA) will also be live streamed online without an audience on October 25th, and the nominees for each category will be disclosed towards the end of September.

ACFM 2020 Online will be operating Online Booths and Online Screening for both domestic and international agencies and participants. In addition, various programs in the form of web seminars will be held as well. Among the many features, ACFM’s Online Screening will offer most of the Busan International Film Festival’s official selections to all ACFM 2020 Market Badge holders, so don’t miss your chance to register!
ACFM 2020 Online will provide complimentary Online Booths and Online Screening opportunities to participants holding a Market Badge. We will also provide sales agencies and organizations a platform to connect and communicate with buyers worldwide. Market Badge registrations is available until the last day of the event, and details are available on the table below.
Type Price Information Registration Deadline
Market Badge Early Bird US$100 25 October
General Rate US$150 26 – 28 October
Online Booth Complimentary for Market Badge Holders 14 October
Market Screening Complimentary for Market Badge Holders 20 October
Market Badge +82-51-709-2227
Online Booth +82-51-709-2217
Market Screening +82-51-709-2226
E-IP Market 2020 integrated the originally-divided Book To Film (book contents) and E-IP Pitching (web contents) sectors into one event. This year, E-IP Market selected 17 Korean original IP which stimulates curiosity about film and TV visualization, where the Sci-fi and Fantasy genres exhibit an unorthodox worldview, the Comedy and Drama genres portray realistic characters, and the Action and Noir genres incorporate dynamic narratives.

Although E-IP Market has been introducing Asian Original IP since 2018, E-IP Market formed a partnership with Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) and Japan’s Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO) from this year. For the first time, TAICCA and VIPO will be presenting original IP from various contents platforms of each country as part of the E-IP Market 2020 official selections.

TAICCA, a subsidiary department under the Ministry of Culture, selected a total of 10 Taiwanese original IP across diverse genres and platforms. Selection was based on the uniqueness, the feasibility of visualization, and the prominence of original authors. TAICCA’s pitch on the Taiwanese original IP selections will be revealed during the ACFM 2020 Online period.

VIPO supports the Japanese content industry, including film, TV production, music, publication, character, and games. This year, VIPO selected 8 Japanese original IP selections from various platforms: manga, book, web novel, and radio drama which will be introduced. In addition to the selections, VIPO plans to reveal 25 original IP that share the equivalent quality.

E-IP Market aims to promote the adaptation possibilities of various original contents, and revitalize the overall contents business. E-IP Market 2020, launching online from October 26th (Mon) to 28th (Wed), will showcase 35 official original IP selections. In addition, E-IP Market will provide online video meetings and scheduling solution for domestic and international industry professionals who cannot physically participate due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Book To Film 2019 selection Abyss (INDIEPAPER) finalized a copyright contract for film production with RED PETER
E-IP Pitching 2019 selection It’s Mine (YJ Comics) made a contract with Studio Dragon,
E-IP Pitching 2019 selection Goldfish (TOYOU’S DREAM), currently under film co-production by Studio N and C-JeS Entertainment.   ㅣ   +82-51-709-2214
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