Book To Film

‘BOOK TO FILM’ pitching event provides an opportunity to meet with publishers, directors, and producers looking to negotiate contracts for original property rights over content for film production. As a number of Book To Film projects introduced over the past 5 years are now in the process of making, or have already made, successful business deals, there has been increasing interest in the Book To Film pitching event from both the publishing and film industries.

Nine books were selected for the sixth ‘Book To Film’ this year, all of which will officially pitch and hold meetings during the Asian Film Market 2017. Though most of the submissions were in the thriller genre, their themes and storytelling techniques are diverse. As the number of submissions increases and the quality improves every year, more of our selected literary works are being filmed, drawing ever stronger attention from directors, producers, IP providers and other media professionals.

[ BOOK TO FILM 2017 Selections ]
Title Publisher Author Genre
The Book of Consolation EUNHAENG NAMU PUBLISHING CO. PARK Young Romance
Conditions of Murder DASAN BOOKS CO., LTD. CHO Wan-sun Mystery Thriller
Fairyland HUMAN & BOOKS LIM Jung yeon Romance
Ganghwado NANAM PUBLISHING HOUSE SONG Ho-keun Historical Fiction
Sad Tropic CABINET (ALL THAT STORY) Haewon Action Thriller
Shift KYOBO BOOK CENTRE CHO Ye-eun Mystery Thriller
Sseu-eong SANZINI SEO Seong ran Drama, Suspense, Society
Time Exiles INDIEPAPER LIM Juyoung Thriller, SF
The Untouchables GOZKNOCK ENT LEE Jung Yuen Historical Thriller

* Book Titles in Alphabetical Order

[ Book To Film ]
  • DATE & TIME: 10:30 - 12:00, October 14 (Sat), 2017
  • VENUE: Event Room, BEXCO Exhibition Center 2
  • *Simultaneous interpretation provided in Korean & English
  • DATE & TIME:
    09:00 – 19:00, October 14 (Sat) – 16 (Mon), 2017
    09:00 – 16:00, October 17 (Tue), 2017
  • VENUE: BEXCO Exhibition Center 2 4Dㆍ4Eㆍ4F
  • Business meetings for BOOK TO FILM will be held at each publisher's sales booth.
    F19   BOOK TO FILM Business Meeting Booth

    Individual Booth for BOOK TO FILM Publishers
    F14   Sad Tropic /   CABINET (ALL THAT STORY)
    F16   Shift /   KYOBO BOOK CENTRE
    F17   Time Exiles /   INDIEPAPER
    F17   The Untouchables /   GOZKNOCK ENT