E-IP Pitching Selections

Since 2015, E-IP (Entertainment Intellectual Property) Pitching has annually introduced ten original works selected from various industries and platforms (webtoon*, web novel, web drama, original story, etc.) to attending professionals of the film and entertainment industries.

* E-IP Title (Production), E-IP Category / In alphabetical order by title

  • Bluebeard's Castle (DAHCIMA FILM INC., CONNETIC STUDIO), Scenario
  • Charles Dickens (Working Title) (MOFAC & ALFRED CO., LTD.), Animation
  • Double Casting (LEZHIN ENTERTAINMENT), Webtoon
  • I'll meet you under the moon (DCON E&M), Webtoon
  • Island (YLAB), Webtoon
  • René Magritte, "The Lovers" (NAVER CORP.), Web Novel
  • Sprinter: Underworld (ALL THAT STORY), Web Novel
  • Sweet Zombie (CREATIVE GROUP GGOOLDDANZY), Scenario
  • Tarot : Fan’s Room (PODORTEE), Webtoon
  • A Scandal of the Empire (NAVER CORP), Web Novel
  • Falling in Shampoo (DCON E&M), Web Novel
  • Meloholic (KBS MEDIA), Web Drama
  • Momo Salon (KIRIN PRODUCTION INC.), Web Drama
  • Nightmare High (IHQ INC.), Scenario
  • Superstring (YLAB), Webtoon
  • The Housewife Cop (KIM Hyung Wan), Scenario
  • The Labyrinth (ALL THAT STORY CO., LTD.), Mobile Story
  • The Underdog (ODOLTOGI, DREAM SEARCH C&C), Theatrical Animation
  • Webtoon [TONG] (TOYOU ENTERTAINMENT), Webtoon
  • Webtoon is a term used to refer to South Korean webcomic.