AFiS Project Pitching

AFiS Project Pitching

AFiS Project Pitching is an event where six fellows selected from the International Film Business Academy at Busan Asian Film School each present fiction feature film projects.

Busan Asian Film School (AFiS) is an international film school founded on October 4, 2016, with an emphasis on nurturing professional producers with international film business expertise. In 2017, a total of 20 fellows from 17 Asian countries including 10 ASEAN nations, China (Hong Kong), Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Iran, India, Kazakhstan and South Korea were admitted in a 5.7:1 competition. Building off their previous working experience as producers and directors, AFiS fellows have prepared a diverse slate of projects geared towards international co-production.

Since their matriculation in March, the fellows have taken part in a series of workshops for project planning, development and pitching by AFiS faculty members and outside experts. With their diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences, the fellows have interacted and inspired each other in developing twenty feature film projects. Six selected works will be presented at the AFiS Project Pitching event, to be followed by individual business meetings with 12 fellows.

AFiS Project Pitching will feature some unique stories from lesser-known film cultures that stand to become the new future of Asian cinema. Producer Nurain ABDULLAH successfully released What's So Special About Rina, Brunei's first commercial film in 2013, and also produced a sequel Rina 2 as an international co-production with Lao PDR. Here she presents On the Foredeck, a family drama filled with laughter and inspiration, centered around a water taxi driver in a floating village on Kampong Ayer in Brunei. Jamyang WANGCHUK is an actor who appeared in Seven Years in Tibet and Honeygiver Among the Dogs, and also has experience as a producer and director. His White Gold is set during the period in which the mysterious country of Bhutan starts its transition from monarchy to democracy. Based on actual events in a remote village suffering from water shortages, it presents attractive scenes that highlight the conflict between tradition and modernity, nature and humanity, science and mysticism. Sumudu MALALAGAMA, a young and enthusiastic female producer at the head of the Sri Lankan film industry's New Wave, presents Heli; The Daughter, the dramatic story of a woman adopted and raised by an upper class family who goes to look for her real mother. The work touches on the heartbreaking human rights violations suffered by Sri Lankan women who go to Middle Eastern countries as housekeepers.

Also taking part in AFiS Project Pitching are several young filmmakers who have forged special relationships with the Busan International Film Festival in the past. Indian producer/director Venkat AMUDHAN won the Sonje Award for best short film in BIFF's Wide Angle Competition section in 2011. His first feature film project Zero is an exotic thriller about a teenage monk in India's desolate Himalayan border region near Pakistan and Tibet who steals an ancient scroll and, together with a Bangladeshi immigrant laborer, hitches a ride with a troubled truck driver. Vietnamese producer and screenwriter DO Manh Tuan, who was a fellow at the Asian Film Academy (AFA) in 2010, has written Season of Baptism, a fresh thriller about cruel serial murders taking place in Saigon during the rainy season. The atmospheric work incorporates themes related to Buddhism and oriental medicine. Finally, Filipino producer and director Amado OCAMPO's cheerful movie K-Pop Auntie is about a widow in her fifties who comes to Korea to become a K-Pop star, hoping to regain a relationship with her stepchild.

We encourage participants in the 2017 Asian Film Market to show their support for these aspiring Asian filmmakers, who are seeking investment and co-production opportunities with film industry professionals from around the world.

[ AFiS Projects for Pitching & Business Meeting ]
No. Title Producer Director Country Genre
1 Heli; The Daughter Sumudu MALALAGAMA,
Sumudu MALALAGAMA Sri Lanka Social Drama, Coming of Age
2 K-Pop Auntie Amado OCAMPO - Philippines Comedy
3 On the Foredeck Nurain ABDULLAH Harlif HJ Mohamad Brunei Drama
4 Season of Baptism DO Manh Tuan Victor Vu Vietnam Crime, Drama, Mystery
5 White Gold Sonam WANGCHUK, Jamyang WANGCHUK Jamyang WANGCHUK Bhutan Drama
6 Zero KIM Jaeyoung Venkat AMUDHAN India Neo-noir, Road-movie

* Titles in Alphabetical Order

[ AFiS Projects for Business Meeting ]
No. Title Producer Director Country Genre
1 Animal Instinct Saken JOLDAS Saken JOLDAS Kazakhstan Psychological Thriller
2 Rebound VAI Yik Pun VAI Yik Pun Hong Kong (China) Drama, Comedy, Sport
3 The Shackled Carol Shu Tjin THAM CHAE Sooeung Singapore Psychological Thriller
4 Soulless Body Nutthapon RAKKHATHAM - Thailand Drama
5 White Lotus Hkawn Mai Aung - Myanmar Period, Spy, Thriller
6 Your West l My East Fauzan ABDILLAH,
Sasha MAHE
Fauzan ABDILLAH Indonesia Drama, Comedy

* Additional projects for business meeting only

  • DATE & TIME : 13:30 - 15:00, October 16 (Mon), 2017
  • VENUE : Event Room, BEXCO Exhibition Center 2
  • * Simultaneous interpretation provided in Korean & English
  • DATE & TIME :
    15:00 - 19:00, October 16 (Mon), 2017
  • VENUE : Multi-meeting Zone, BEXCO Exhibition Center 2, 4D • 4E • 4F
  • * Reservation & Inquiries :
  • For more details, please contact BUSAN ASIAN FILM SCHOOL.